3D Printing

3D Printing
The Future of This Technology Will Change Our World

By: David McDonald

Everyday there are new technologies being invented, but 3D printing rises above them all due to its cost consuming model and increasing value to our society.
The technology was created in the 1980s and has recently evolved into a next generation manufacturing technology as funding continues to increase.
The range of items that can be created by 3D printers is astonishing, and is increasing everyday. Companies have managed to create homes with 3D printers that are ten times faster than creating homes by hand, and not to mention, cheaper.
What is even more compelling is the possible impact this technology can make in the medical world.
3D printers have been able to reconstruct human ears, human hearts, organs, lungs, bionic hands, and bones. The future of this technology will see doctors being able to use 3D printers in surgeries to create these human parts in a fraction of the time, consequently, saving thousands of lives.
At The University of Southern California, Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis has built a colossal 3D printer that can build a house in 24 hours.
This technology can cut the time and cost of constructing homes. This will ultimately make the construction of homes in impoverished areas much easier and cheaper. This, along with solar technology efforts previously discussed in this blog, will make massive impacts on building infrastructure in the world’s poorest areas.
Just for a minute, imagine a complete rehaul of impoverished areas within America, and across the world that utilises this technology. Imagine combining this technology with solar company efforts to create communities that thrive on 3D printed homes powered by solar panels. This could create thousands of jobs in Africa, and revitalize domestic economies.

3D printed hearts at the Children’s Heart Centre at Phoenix Children’s Hospital
As this technology continues to make its way into hospitals, it will open many new doorways for the medical world. Not only will it make an impact in first world nations, it will transfer over to third world hospitals due to its increasing accessibility.
It’ll be interesting to see how society adapts to 3D printing in the future as the benefits far outreach any current technology we currently have.
#Improving Society

Check out this video on how 3D printing works!

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